Mr. Putin, let us all join your Russia

After all, our referendum gave 118 % support.


OK, let me put this straight. This is NOT my photo, so if anyone thinks it should be deleted, I will.

It makes me cry because I never saw Mr Putin and his teddy bear buddy so depressed. This happened when Russia was beaten at Ice Hockey game in Sochi Winter Olympic Games by Russia’s Sphere of Influence, also known as Russia’s Near Abroad, also known as Finland.

To compensate, we all wish to join Putin’s Russia, the greatest pile of excrement in the world.  This photo journey will explain why.


Of course, there is long tradition of making the entire world Russian. So why not?

(FACTS: This is a Soviet Russian paper money from 1919. The revolution was international from the very beginning. Languages on this paper money are Chinese, Arabic, English, Italian, German and French. The organization that made the Russian revolution really international was Komintern that soon operated globally. Apart from the British Empire, the Communist revolution in Russia was the first attempt to create a global tyranny. Russian being in the lead (well, you’re not supposed to mention the Jews), gives us a hint about Putin’s Russia.)


And a long tradition of making agreements, like this guy shaking hands with Ribbentrop, one of the German boy friends of Stalin.

(FACTS: This photo was published on a cover of a 1939 illustrated magazine. It shows Josif Stalin and Joachim von Ribbentrop shaking hands after the infamous Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was signed. In the secret protocol, Baltic States, including Finland, Eastern Poland and Bessarabia were placed under Soviet Sphere of Influence. Ribbentrop was the foreign minister of Germany.)


And a long tradition of feeling like one big family with Russians, like these fine German gentlemen in this old picture.

(FACTS: This photo is one of the many taken during the signing of the infamous Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. What strikes me is the smile on Stalin’s face. He is clearly the only person who is happy about this. Note the historical perspective to today’s events. At this point, Crimean Peninsula was already (until the 1950s) under Russian SSR administration. So, when Russia controls the Crimea, next targets would be Finland, the Baltic States, East Poland – which means in today’s terms East Lithuania, Belarus and Western Ukraine – as well as Moldova. Let me also point out that this kind of photos make me think that WW2 was really Stalin’s project.)


But let’s go to Putin’s Russia, which, as we all know, saved the world of fascism, and remains one of the least fascist countries in the world. It absolutely has no similarities with the superior race idealism of strong military might and übermensch kind of thinking. When all countries join Russia, there will be absolutely no fascism anywhere.

(FACTS: This photo is from Viipuri, a Finnish town under Russian occupation since 1940 – when the Soviets and the Nazis were allied via Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact – and again since 1944. The poster is not quite unique in occupied territories nor in Russia proper. Usually the May 9 ”victory” is celebrated by übermensch type of figures – which were common also in Soviet era sculpture – and Soviet style symbolism.)


Instead, we all get the fine quality of Putin’s Russia, a Commonwealth of formerly independent countries.

(FACTS: This is a closed shop in Republic of Karelia, which borders Finland and has some Finnish territory under occupation)


And who needs many parties when there is just one good party, Putin’s party.

(FACTS: This is a shop building in Kurkijoki, in Russian-occupied Finnish Karelia, part of Republic of Karelia. The upper poster is about Victory, the lower one is about Putin’s party, Jedinaja Rossija)


Russia’s brave soldiers may secure everyone’s life, like these very fine Russian soldiers who are running away from fascists.

(FACTS: This is an abandoned Soviet era military base in Hiitola, a Finnish municipality under Russian occupation.)


In Putin’s Russia, no one get hurt because cars cannot really drive very fast

(FACTS: This is a Russian military base in Alakurtti, in Finnish municipality of Salla in Lapland, under Russian occupation since 1940 and again since 1944. Alakurtti was a helicopter base until recently, then abandoned, and very recently, Putin’s Russia will again fill this place with Russian soldiers. Unless, of course, they are needed as cannon fodder in Ukraine’s war zone.)Kuva

And in some cases, they cannot drive at all.

(FACTS: This is my oldest photo in this selection. This pitiful bridge is perhaps not quite unique in Putin’s Russia, but I do not know how exactly it looks today. The photo is from Tolvajärvi, again from a Finnish municipality of Korpiselkä, under occupation of Russia since 1940 and 1944)


Although, to be honest, there are cars in Putin’s Russia.

(FACTS: This photo is authentic, and taken somewhere in Republic of Karelia)


Very fine cars, actually.

(FACTS: This photo is from Sortavala area, on the island of Riekkalansaari, again, Finnish territory under Russian occupation since 1940 and 1944. Well, to be exact, Russia did not occupy this area from 1940 to 1956, but it was placed inside the 16th Socialist Soviet Republic, the Karelian-Finnish SSR. In fact, Finland did not cede this territory to Russia at all. It was ceded to another Republic, so strictly speaking, Russia’s occupation is entirely illegal).


But who can deny that Putin’s Russia is working just fine to fight to scary climate change. Thanks to Putin, our children will be able to live in a better world.

(FACTS: This is an abandoned military base in Repola in Republic of Karelia. Repola never was part of Finland, except it joined Finland in 1918 in a referendum, but who cares about those referendums that take territory from Russia?)


So why not face the obvious. Russia is the finest country in  the world, and the very country that saved us from fascism.

(FACTS: This is a Russian village in the very east of Republic of Karelia)


It has famous bars where you may meet the beautiful blue-eyed women of the superior race, 50€ short time, 200€ all night.

(FACTS: This is a closed bar in Läskelä, another Finnish town in occupied territories. I have eaten in that bar before it was closed. There were not women and I honesty do not know what the current rate of Russian prostitutes is. Please note that Mr Putin has used awkward comments about the beauty of Russian women. Well, who can blame, Russian women are beautiful, but if you hint about ”superior race” and claim to be anti-fascist, well, it doesn’t quite fit in.)


It has plenty of high quality housing for even the most discerning inhabitants.

(FACTS: This is a large apartment building that was not finished during the break off of the Soviet Union. It is in Värtsilä, a Russian occupied Finnish town just across the Stalin’s border)


Russia’s industries need plenty of work force to produce even more of those fine buckets.

(FACTS: This factory may be originally built by Finns, in Naistenjärvi village, in former Finnish municipality of Suojärvi, in the east of Finnish Karelia. It too was placed under Karelian-Finnish SSR in 1940, and has been under Soviet and, since 1956, Russian occupation)


The factories and military bases will arrange housing to all workers.

(FACTS: This building is inside a closed military base in Kirvu, also under Soviet occupation since 1940 and 1944, and currently under Russian occupation. Incidentally, the chairman of the Kirvu heritage society in Finland, Mr Hämäläinen, visited Kirvu, his occupied home town where he was  born before WW2, several times in 1990 and onward, met the commandant of this military base. The Russians had built barrack on and above a Finnish graveyard. Mr Hämäläinen gave an order to vacate his grand mother’s grave. Soon after, the military base was abandoned, but it is not 100% certain that these two incidents are related).


And wherever you go, you will be greeted by wise words of Mr V. V. Putin.

(FACTS: This is a quote of Mr Putin on a Finnish-built apartment house in Kostamus, a modern Soviet era mining town. Finns were given a chance to earn some money in the 1970s to build, then, fine apartment houses. Kostamus was built on the site of a (ethnic) Karelian village. With over 30 different nationalities, it became a multicultural and violent city in the middle of nowhere, and the former Karelian majority was soon a weak minority, with serious alcohol problems. Not that they are the only such group in Russia).


Let’s join Russia now when its doors are finally open.

(FACTS: This is a Finnish-built town house in Viipuri, still under Russian occupation since 1944 – in 1940-41 it was part of Karelian-Finnish SSR. The Russian-made door is or course Russian quality as its best).


Petrol is so cheap.

(FACTS: This is an authentic 2010 photo of a petrol selling point across the border of Kuusamo, in the north of Finland. Until 1940, this was part of Finland, in 1940 it was placed under Karelian-Finnish SSR – until 1956 – and today it is part of Republic of Karelia, and under Russian occupation.)


And children can always be happy in summertime concentration camps.

(FACTS: This is a former Soviet-era pioneer, or children’s, camp near Värtsilä. It too is occupied by Russia. Children’s camps seem to be operational in some parts of Russia, still. In fact, some Russians say that children’s camps were actually quite fun, and this is not sarcasm. It is just that children rarely understand the world around them, and an isolated camp with other kids and playgrounds are often all that a child needs. And summer is always a good time.)


And Russians are animal lovers, like this kind of cute little puppies that make everyone happy in the neighborhood.

(FACTS: This is a wooden apartment building in Helylä, not far from Sortavala. This area is also under Russian occupation, ie a legitimate Finnish territory.)


So, who doesn’t want to be Russian, it’s a healthy lifestyle with happy fight against fascists.

(FACTS: Russian graffiti, or perhaps very serious paintings, on the wall of an abandoned military base in Finland’s Hiitola, under Russian occupation.


Because only Russia has saved the world from fascism.

(FACTS: A photo from the Jewish museum in Riga, Latvia. This Jewish gentleman was one of the 1700+ Jews that were taken to Siberia on 14 June 1941, by Stalin’s occupation army. Stalin occupied independent Latvia in 1940, after the infamous Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was signed with the Nazis.)


Let’s shake hands with our great Russian friends.

(FACTS: This book is from Lithuania. It reveals the oft forgotten facts about the real reasons behind WW2)


They can offer us life with no Jews, unless in Siberian prisons.

(FACTS: This Jewish memorial is one of the many ethnic memorial stones in Levashova, a 1930s mass execution site not far from St. Petersburg. Some 40485 victims, many literally innocent, were shot and buried, unmarked, in this site. Many Jews were among those 40485 victims.)


Russians make sure that there is no nationalism, no nations and, say, no Latvians.

(FACTS: This memorial stone is also from Levashova. It is for the Latvian victims in 1937-38)


Or no Estonians.

(FACTS: Estonian memorial stone at Levashova)


Or no Finns, because if there are no Finns, then Russia will always win in ice hockey.

(FACTS: This is a Finnish memorial stone at the ”Red Field” mass execution site, south of Petrozavodsk, in Republic of Karelia. The text says: To the victims of Red terror, 1937_38, from children and grand children)


And there  is always plenty of space in Siberian concentration camps and prisons.

(FACTS. This is a memorial site for mass deportations to Siberia, by Soviet occupational forces in Latvia. On 14 June 1941, some 2 weeks before Germany attacked the Soviet-occupied Baltic States and the Soviet Union proper, 15,424 Latvian citizens were taken to Siberian camps. Among them were 1700+ Jews. I honestly believe that these Jews are listed under ”victims of the Holocaust”. But who knows as it is illegal to ask questions about the Holocaust. In 1949, after Soviet Union ”had saved the world from fascism”, some 42,125 Latvians were, again, deported to Siberian camps. These camps are generally called GULAG camps.)


And the Ukrainian fascists, who needs them?

(FACTS: This is the only front page news available that tells about Holodomor in Ukraine. Holodomor means mass starvings of millions of Ukrainians. Today, anyone ,may deny, question or ignore the Holodomor, but the victims and they relatives and loved ones do know what happened to their loved ones. Some people say 6 million is too many, some say it is too few, but the fact is that we have ”6 million dead” before the Nazis even took the power in Germany.)


Ukraine really belongs to Russia.

(FACTS: This is from the Holodomor museum in Kiev, Ukraine)


So, because of this card, let us all join Russia.

(FACTS: This is not my photo. It shows the ”Nazi card”, which is frequently used by Russia, to turn all attention to other people, other nations or other events. In fact, I am starting to believe, that the real Holocaust was Stalin’s Soviet Union, and whatever that great Russian Jew poet, Mr Ilya Ehrenburg, told the world about Auschwitz, may be partly a way to turn attention from whatever the Soviets did since 1917, and what was the Russian pogrom since 1881, to Germans).


Our children will just love Siberia.

(FACTS: This is a statue to commemorate all children that were taken to Siberia by the Soviet Union in 1941 and 1949, in Riga, Latvia)

So please, Mr Putin, let us all join your Russia.

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  1. VU

    Jäi sen verran Putinia kiusaamaan Suomen voitto Venäjästä 3-1 Talviolympialaisissa, että Venäjän voitto Suomesta 5-2 MM-kisoissa toi vihdoin hymyn huulille. Ehkä on aika päivittää ylin valokuva Putinista?

  2. VU

    KHL:ään näyttää siirtyvän jo enemmän suomalaisia huippupelaajia ja valmentajia kuin rapakon taakse.

  3. Heinrich Pesch

    Ehkä sun kannattaa käyttää nimeä Viborg instead of Viipuri englanninkielisessä tekstissä. Novosibirskissä yksi mummo moitti meitä, kun otimme kuvan vanhasta aika kauniista puutalosta. Kuvatkaa mieluummiin jotain uutta ja modernia!


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