The Last Tango in Paris – before Sharia Law?

We really don’t need marches nor demonstrations in Paris.

We need border controls, deportations and implementation of immigration laws. We need common sense and protection of our societies and our population.

The Big Story since WW2 was always false, as expressed by ”winner writes the history”. There is no threat of ”extreme right”, not to mention that Germany’s Nazi party was really a left wing party, a socialist workers’ party. ”Racism” is not a threat. Rather, the actual phenomenon is the nature of all human beings who want to protect their families, villages and tribes, since times immemorial.

We do not need a World Goverment, we need a national government. We need local democracy, not global dictatorship.

Nationalism has never been a threat. What has threatened individuals, and groups of people, has always been imperialism. We do not need global islam nor Sharia law. We need local laws, based on democratic elections or referendums, as in Switzerland.

We do not need American cultural imperialism, whether global News oligopoly, Hollywood monopoly nor sitcom proliferation. We need local cultures and cultural exchange between neighboring countries.

Nor do we need the American Military Industrial Complex, killing goat herders’ children in Pakistan with drone strikes.

We do not need Russians trying to control Eurasian sphere of influence nor Chinese supremacy in world trade.

We do not need global mega banks, global central banks nor global corporations that have more wealth and influence than most countries have.

We need to bring power back to the smallest units possible, including families. We need referendums in municipalities, like in Switzerland. We need referendums like the Swiss vote within their cantons. Local people should decide, not some un-elected jerks in Brussels, Washington D.C, Moscow, City of London or Hollywood.

We have to rewrite the history to reflect the actual events globally. We have to admit that Germany is a scapegoat, to help everyone to forget about GULAG concentration camps or the 6 million victims of Stalin’s Holodomor, the largest Lebensraum (Living Space) in the 1930s, controlled by the Royal family of England, not to mention the genocide of native Indians in the American continent.

We should forget the Nazi Card as there are no similarities to events in the 1930s when German Jews were the well-behaving upper class, with enormous influence in the German society, compared to today’s France, where ill-behaving lower class of muslims have no influence in the French society except violence and implementation of Sharia law.

Nationalism is the solution. Nationalism creates many peaceful, rather homogeneous nations that interact between each other in trade, tourism and cultural exchange. Our real enemy is imperialism, whether the impossible dream of the European Empire or islamic world or Russian Eurasia or American Military Industrial Complex or the global Hollywood, including sitcoms and News oligopoly, or global mega banks or global system of central banks or whatever threatens local independence.

Sure, we all must be international, but you cannot be international if you drop the ”national” from international.

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